Cross Conference – Vienna 9-10th March 2011

Our Business Development Director, Max Zolotukhin, will be presenting the following paper at the 8th Pan European High Security Printing Conference in Vienna this March: ‘Security Document Registry Systems – Making your Documents Work’
The presentation will focus on government IT systems and database solutions necessary to make security documents work efficiently in the country-wide or international public environment. From ID breeder documents (birth and death certificates, marriage certificates etc) to powers of attorney, from animal veterinary cards to court orders, from land registry documents to university diplomas, health certificates and disability certificates, security printed documents are only as reliable as the systems designed to control their issue, circulation and termination. Security technologies used in producing the documents are important for ensuring the documents’ authenticity but it’s only the correct document recording in the government registries and the accessibility of the relevant parts of these records to various government departments that can prevent fraudulent use of authentic documents. Many documents types are designed to feed information into other types, sometimes critical for national security (e.g. passports, visas, ID cards) Because of this, efficient registry systems need to be implemented at all levels of public documentation to enable a single document information web. The presentation will describe examples of existing document registry solutions and their comparative pros and cons.
This is scheduled for 13:45 on Thursday the 10th March. We look forward to seeing you there!